save-the-date-2015SMMFSC is pleased to announce the “2015 Jason Hawkins” Skate by the Lake, in honor of the man who touched many lives, and made us all feel a few shades brighter. Skate like a Star!

The McCall Figure Skating Club annual competition will honor Jason Hawkins with spectacular figure skating showcases on Friday and Saturday evenings. “Jason Hawkins Entertainment Award” to be presented at the close of the competition on Saturday evening, October 24th.

The Jason Hawkins Entertainment Award. Jason Hawkins was the father of a long time member of the McCall Figure Skating Club who passed away unexpectedly on April 25, 2015. Jason was passionate about life and all it had to offer and thrived on discovering new ways to experience it. Jason was the life of the party. Everyone wanted to be with him. Around Jason, you felt more alive, and all of your senses were enlivened. A person who actually possesses that kind of magnetism is rare. Jason was one of those rarities. He was fiercely loyal, energetic and caring. He was adventurous, kind and always exceedingly helpful. He was a daring person, friendly and generous. He was a fighter, very social and persuasive. He was slightly irreverent and extremely gregarious. He always left one with the feeling that life was a few shades brighter with him in it. To know Jason was to love him.

The judges will give this special award to three skaters who demonstrate excellence theatrical entertainment skating in the Light Entertainment Showcase Event, and who also represent the lively spirit that Jason Hawkins embodied. Three Entertainment Award trophies will be presented at the conclusion of the competition after the final Light Entertainment Showcase event; one each for basic skills up to Free Skate 6, Non-Test through Pre-Juvenile, and Juvenile through Senior.

Skate like a Star!