Annual Banquet

2015 marked the first year of the Annual McCall Figure Skating Club Banquet. In the beginning, there were skeptics as to whether or not our club could even support such a function, given disconnection between members and lack of commitment to the club over several years.

At best, if all went well, early predictions were that only 30 people might attend. As it turned out, some creative marketing and last minute hype turned into an inaugural event with over 72 people in attendance; members, family members and potential new club members and their families were all interested in being a part of the first ever banquet celebration.

Skaters were recognized for their achievements and U.S. Figure Skating tests passed. The Board of the Directors discussed new changes and events to come over the membership year. It is pretty safe to say, “McCall Figure Skating Club looks forward to many more banquets over the years. Thank you to everybody that helped to make the first annual event such a success.”